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Blaine’s local paper, The Northern Light, featured Pax Gallery in a roundup of new local businesses. Here’s the part about Pax:

Pax Gallery

Blaine resident Doug Dahl did not live in the Democratic Republic of Congo for very long. His parents, a relief worker and a teacher, brought him to the U.S. shortly after he was born. When he went back to the country to revisit his roots in 2005, he was impressed by the country’s artists. Now, Dahl has brought their art to the Pax Gallery, a new art studio that opened on February 4, located at 711 Third Street in Blaine.

The art featured at Pax Gallery is “contemporary abstract” and reflects the Congolese culture’s belief in community, family, harmony and unity, Dahl said. The gallery’s purpose is to feature artists from little-known cultures and to bring art from outside our own area, he said.

The gallery sells prints of original art with a percentage of the sales going back to each artist in the Congo. An equal percentage goes back to the artists’ hometown in the form of a royalty. The idea is to create something the U.S. and Congolese communities can both benefit from, Dahl said. 

“The motivation was to take original art – work you can’t find here – and give back to the community it came from,” Dahl said. “[Congo] is a tough place to live. These artists have an opportunity to change their community with their art.”

“Blaine is my community where I live,” Dahl said. “I wanted to add something cool to downtown.”

Dahl said he anticipates many sales to be made online. The gallery will sell prints for 10 percent off throughout the rest of February. The gallery is open by appointment only, but there will be an inaugural exhibition on Saturday, February 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  For more information, visit

You can see the full article here.


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