How bad do you want to plug in your charger?

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spiderKinshasa, Congo 03/24/13 – The Guesthouse

I was about to plug in the charger for my tablet when I saw this guy hanging around the power strip.  At that point I decided a dead battery wasn’t that big a deal.  No, I didn’t kill it, because apparently in Congo spiders are supposed to be our friends because they eat the bugs that are more dangerous than the spiders.  Plus, if I missed he looked fast enough to get me before I could make another swing.  I wouldn’t say the spider and I became friends that day, but we maintained an uneasy coexistence.  At least for me it was uneasy.  For him (or her, I can’t tell) it was just another day hanging out at the power strip freaking out the American.

Continuing on the arachnid theme, here’s the e-mail I sent home after my shower that day:  “I recommend not looking up when showering in Congo. I counted six spiders this morning. None were very big and they seemed more interested in the bugs than in me.”

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