Pax Playlist – Blitz the Ambassador

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BlitzI heard Blitz the Ambassador for the first time during an interview on NPR.  I’m usually more of a rock-and-roll guy than a hip-hop guy, but Blitz merges hip-hop with traditional African music in a way that I find fresh and appealing.  Blitz is from Ghana, but came to the US to go to college and now lives in New York.  When he’s not performing or promoting his music, he works as a substitute teacher at a high school in Brooklyn.  Right now his website features a video for Make You No Forget, which he shot in Ghana.  The video captures the feel of the typical African street, although they either tidied up a bit for the video or Ghana is way cleaner than Kinshasa, Congo.  Bonus – Blitz wears an awesome t-shirt that says “Make Fufu Not War.”  (Fufu is a staple food throughout western Africa.)

For another taste of Blitz, with high speed rapper Sarkodie, listen to Internationally Known.

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