Pax at the Peace Arch

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International Art FestivalPax Gallery is hitting the road, travelling all the way (7 blocks) to the International Art Festival at Peace Arch Park coming up on June 20-22.    I went to the festival last year so I can confirm that this is a great event.  Talented local and regional artists, live music, great food; the festival is a fine way to spend an afternoon in Blaine.  The festival has a broad range of artistic styles and the artists staff their own booths so you can talk with them and learn about their craft.

Right about now you may be asking, “If the artists staff their own booths does that mean you’re bringing Congolese artists to the festival?”  I wish, but no.  The festival invited Pax Gallery to set up a booth and share with visitors what Pax is doing to help change lives through art.  We won’t be selling art at the show, but if you see something at our booth that you just must have, it’s available 24/7 on our website.  There will be several other booths featuring non-profit organizations devoted to the arts.  And no, Pax Gallery is not a non-profit.  (Wow, a lot of negatives in that sentence.)  I describe Pax as “not-just-for-profit.”  We have dual purposes; providing great art and investing in the lives and communities of the artists.

Last year we came home from the festival with a print from Nzalamba Artworks.  Given the diversity of the artists at this festival, it’s likely that you’ll find something here you want in your home.  And even if I’m wrong about that, it’s still a great event to check out in our community.

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