Pax Party #2 Coming Soon

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Pax Party #2Okay, I know I promised we’d be doing Pax Parties on a regular basis, and it’s been months since the first one.  But a late party is better than no party, right?  So here it is: Pax Party #2, on September 26th.  We’re starting at 5:00 for the folks that want to come straight from work, but it’s kind of like an open house so come any time.  The invitation says it goes until 9ish, and there’s an emphasis on the ish.  We’ll keep the doors open as long as we’re still having a good time.

The invitation also promises entertainment.  I’m still working out the details on that; be ready for some live music from local singer/songwriters and maybe some other cool stuff.

Come hang out with friends, make some new ones, enjoy the art, have a beverage and make a night of it.  Here are some ideas to make Pax Party #2 part of a complete downtown Blaine Friday night experience:

Option 1, Multi-cultural Blaine: Dinner at Chada Thai, Pax Party #2 and art from Congo, Kareoke at Paso del Norte (starts at 9:00). Maybe it’s not actually all that multi-cultural, but you get representation from three different countries.

Option 2, a bit upscale:  Dinner at Black Forest Steakhouse, Pax Art Gallery, dance to J Boogie at Packers in Semiahmoo.

Option 3, taking care of business: Toss your clothes in a washing machine at the Washhouse.  Go two doors down to Pax Gallery and hang out for the wash cycle.  Switch the clothes to the dryer.  Have a beer at the Wheelhouse while you wait for your clothes to dry.  All within a one block area.  Limit your beers at the Wheelhouse or you might forget to head back to the Washhouse for your clothes.

Option 4, your plan: Whatever awesome plans you have for Friday, September 26th, add Pax Party to the mix.

See you there.

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