How to Make a Film in Central Africa

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A friend just sent me a link about a Ugandan filmmaker; this guy wants to be the best action film studio in the world.  That might be a bit ambitious, but I have to love what he’s doing with the limited resources he has available.  Wakaliga, Uganda, a neighborhood in Kampala, is located just east of Congo.  In a city of over a million people, he is the only filmmaker.  Watching the video, you can’t miss the poverty he’s working in, but it doesn’t stop him and his crew from making piles of action films.  Not only is he a director, producer and editor; he also is training up kids to be the next action heroes of Uganda.  Yeah, the films are violent, but he grew up in one of the most violent places in the world, and he has a great explanation for why he makes the films he does.  He reminds me of the artists I met in Congo; total passion and commitment to their art, despite the hardships of life in one of the poorest places in the world.

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