Riva-Menga Makabi

A resident of Kinshasa, Makabi has been painting for over 20 years.  Like many of his contemporaries, his art education came from the Academie des Beaux Arts.  I wanted to know how he came to paint in this particular style.  He said, “I can’t explain it; it comes from my spirit.  I don’t think.  I just put it on the canvas.”  I asked him what he liked most about Kinshasa.  His response: “The pretty ladies.  The pretty ladies.  And the beer.”  You can’t fault the man for an honest answer.  He did go on to say that what he wants most for his city is “that everyone is equal and everyone has something to eat.”






Riva-Menga Makabi – Mask
Riva-Menga Makabi – Abstract Purple
Riva-Menga Makabi – Orange and Blue Abstract