My First Home

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The seeds for Pax Gallery were sown about ten years ago when I visited my brother in Congo.   But if we really want to go back to where it all starts, the seeds for me were also sown in … Continued

Art Vs. War

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In Goma, a city of a million people, Mapendo Sumuni has opened the city’s first art gallery.   For the past two decades Goma has been known for violence; the Rwandan Genocide, The First Congo War, The Second Congo War, … Continued

Pax Playlist – Blitz the Ambassador

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I heard Blitz the Ambassador for the first time during an interview on NPR.  I’m usually more of a rock-and-roll guy than a hip-hop guy, but Blitz merges hip-hop with traditional African music in a way that I find fresh … Continued

Artist Profile – Tataa Boposo

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Unlike many of his contemporaries, Tataa’s works are diverse and span genres.  Tataa finds inspiration in faith, in family and in his heritage.  His work “Famille Masque” (Family Mask) beautifully illustrates the close relationship of family members, each one completing … Continued

Pax Party #1

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  Thanks to all the friends that packed out Pax Gallery this weekend.  You made opening a gallery the most fun bit of work I’ve ever done.  So much fun, in fact, that I’m thinking we should have a party here … Continued

Pax Makes The News

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Blaine’s local paper, The Northern Light, featured Pax Gallery in a roundup of new local businesses. Here’s the part about Pax: Pax Gallery Blaine resident Doug Dahl did not live in the Democratic Republic of Congo for very long. His … Continued

Art School – Jungle Style

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A full day’s drive from the capital of Kinshasa, the city of Kikwit sits above the Kwilu River.  Even though the population is somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 people, it is often referred to as a village.   And many … Continued

Come to the Inaugural Exhibition!

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Here’s the official invitation for the inaugural exhibition at Pax Gallery.  It’s an open house, so come any time between 10 am and 6 pm on February 22nd.   Hang out, check out some truly unique and amazing art, and … Continued

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